Our rugs are brand new and hand-made from 100% Australian wool. All high quality imports. Please feel free to view our gallery below… Simply Click on an image below and the size, price and product code will be displayed. You can contact us quoting us the code of the rug you are interested in, and we will assist you to the best that we can.

Please click on the rug and the product code, price and size will be shown. Please note, due to bad lighting conditions at the time, the pictures do not look very nice. In order to be appreciated, you have to see these rugs with your own eyes in real life.

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Please note… Our pictures are bad quality due to the low light conditions and the actual rugs need to be seen in real life to be appreciated. We assure you that you will get the best looking lugs and the best price. Please see our other galleries as well !

Whether you are starting a decoration project or thinking about adding a new element to your living room, one thing that always should be considered for your check list is an area rug. Area rugs can make your room look luxurious, comfortable and trendy, depending on what you choose to offer your floor. With various colors available, choosing a color for your rugs can be difficult, but with us you can easily find a rug for your home in few simple steps.

Choosing area rug sizes is the first step for buying rugs -

You must first decide what size rug you are looking for. Begin by taking a scale and measuring the area you want to lay your rug on and come up with the width and length in centimeters. You can use colored tape and stick it to the corners of the area you want to lay the rug.

The next step is to decide what shape you want

Area rug comes in various shapes. Here at Rescue Carpets, you can choose from the following: Rectangular Rug, Square Rug, Round Rug, Octagonal Rug, Runners and custom design rug, depending upon your room setup and your personal preferences.

Color is one of the most important factors in buying a rug

Be very careful about the color of the rug you buy. Finding the perfect color to complement your room can be tricky, but here at Rescue Carpets we have hundreds of colors to choose from.

Another very important consideration is your budget

Just as a rug comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so it does vary in price, ranging from very expensive to quite affordable. Here at Rescue Carpets, with discounts up to 20%-70% on branded area rugs, we make is easy for you to browse through thousands of rugs. With so many brands available you will definitely the perfect rug for your budget.

Another important element of buying a rug is choosing a right style

It depends on the furniture in your room and whether it’s a master, living or dining room and what style of rug you want. If you have tradition furniture, select a rug from our Traditional Rugs section, for modern setup browse through Modern Rug or contemporary Rug Collection. There are various other styles available; for example Shag Rugs are very popular and can add a cozy feel to your room. If the rug is for the kid’s room choose from our Kids Rugs collection.

Construction of Rugs

Rugs are weaved in many different styles. Traditionally Hand Knotted Rug are valuable, because the older they get, the higher their value. In modern days, rugs are produced using many techniques including Hand Tufted and Machine Made.

The material of the rug is very important in buying a rug

Woolen rugs are most durable and are most popular rugs; other types include Cotton Rugs, Jute Rugs, Nylon Rugs and Bamboo Rugs. If your budget is good enough choosing a Silk Rug for your rooms is a great addition to your home.

Rescue Carpets also deal with carpet sales. Please contact us to find out more.