Furniture Re-upholstery

Renovate or New? Examine the choices. Your furniture must be comfortable and suitable for years to come. Buying new furniture can be risky. The sofa you’re interested in buying may look terrific in the showroom, but as the saying goes, “beauty is only skin deep.” Ask yourself the following questions. Is the frame sturdy? How is it assembled? Will the springs hold up under the constant wear and tear of your daily living? What’s on the inside? What is the quality of the padding and cushion fillers? It’s possible that the attractive exterior is just covering up an inferior product. Chances are that the factory made furniture is less durable that the fine reupholstered furniture our trained craftsmen can produce.

One Frame, Endless Possibilities

Rescue Carpets makes it simple to offer the finest in custom reupholstery, Never again will you experience the difficulties and up charges of trying to have a manufacturer use their choice of fabric, rather than the one you want. No more settling for a stock piece of furniture. Sure you want quality furniture that will suit your taste, match your decor and last a long time. What better way to go than to reupholster your present furniture. From an antique chair to a complete room, we provide outstanding & quality upholstery services for all residential and contract projects.

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