Carpet Repair

Some Info about carpet repair

Carpet repair is regularly used in most forms of carpet damage. Professional carpet and rug cleaners make use of several approaches in fixing carpets. If you need help from experts, these professional companies can do the job for you, especially those that has experience doing work for both residential and commercial communities. Here are some tips that you can use when dealing with carpet and rug problems.

Shedding and Fuzzing

Both are usually present in natural carpets than in synthetic ones. Shedding pertains to the normal progression of unfastened fibers that is natural for a new carpet while fuzzing pertains to foreign obstruction like dirt that damages the carpet’s fiber filaments. If either is present in your rug or carpet, you need to vacuum the carpet more regularly.


When dealing with stains, try to get rid of as many solid and semi-solid obstructions as you can. Then use clean, dry cloth to take out as a good deal of liquid. Instead of scrubbing, try blotting it out. Next, use another dry cloth and mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol or non-bleach detergent in removing the stain.


Rippling is usually evident through high moisture content. Make sure to use a dehumidifier to counteract rippling, and your carpet should be re-stretched.


Unfortunately, you can only do so little for carpet burns. Hopefully, if the burn is manageable, you can spruce the burned fibers and achieve a convenient result. If too much area is burned and has reached down the fiber, all you can do is to cut out the burned carpet and patch it to cover the damaged area.

Flood Damage

However, the chances of flooding depend on the location and weather of your area, but flooding is usually a serious carpet problem, and carpet flood damage usually needs expert assistance. If the flood water is clean and the carpet is dried in 12 hours, your carpet is safe and functional. Any longer though, and you will probably require professional carpet refurbishment.

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