Carpet Cleaning

Rugs add a certain aesthetic quality to a room that’s hard to beat. A well-placed, well-designed rug can work wonders to make a room look warm and more pleasant, and we at Rescue Carpets recognize this. We specialize in fine rugs, whether they be oriental, contemporary, antique, or any other style, and we take pride in our concern and care for the preservation of these rugs.

Oriental rugs such as Persian, Indian, and Chinese rugs, all require specialised carpet cleaning care in order to keep their beauty and quality. You can’t just spray some disinfectant and scrub them when they get stained or spilled on—you need something much more delicate. Rescue Carpets approaches these fine rugs with special care and attention, which is exactly what one of these rugs need.

A regular detergent or disinfectant will not work on one of these rugs without ruining the dyes and therefore the rug as a whole. An Oriental rug isn’t something you can afford to buy new every day, and so it’s important to take care of the ones you have. Rescue Carpets professionals specialize in fine rug care, and those in the Johannesburg area should definitely come to us for the proper methods of cleaning their rugs.

The reason why Rescue Carpets’s carpet cleaning service is the best choice? We use only organic cleaning products and the most modern cleaning techniques to ensure that 1) all dirt and stains are removed, 2) no harm is done to your quality rugs, and #) no toxins remain when we are finished. A more traditional approach to cleaning a fine Oriental rug can have detrimental effects, using cleansing solutions and methods that are harmful to the rug and leave toxins behind. We use methods that are not only eco-friendly, but also beneficial to the rugs and healthy for the family.

We at Rescue Carpets do all we can to ensure that you and your rugs get the best service at the best price possible. We advise you to come to us at any time your rugs need care, rather than waiting for more damage to be done and more deterioration to occur. Anytime you need the best service, Rescue Carpets is here for you, providing all the quality and satisfaction you would need. Contact us right away.